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‘Media platform misused’

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The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has alarmed over what it calls ‘misuse of the media platform’ by some licensed media institutions operating in Liberia.

PUL President Charles Coffey told a press conference Monday, 4 February at the Union’s headquarters that the media have been ingrained with invectives, a situation he says is contrary to the PUL’s Code of Ethics.

“It is [being] reported that some media institutions are misusing the platform thereby using profanities,” Mr. Coffey says.

Mr. Coffey says the media platform is not intended to use invectives on government officials, stating that such unethical behaviors have the penchant to cause confusion.

Mr. Coffey however fell short to name the would-be media institutions, but urged the media in general to be professional, ethical and critical in their reporting.

According to him, the media are not a place for diatribe, but a place for decent expressions.

“It is a place for truth telling. Using profanities is not journalism. It is [breach] of ethics,” Mr. Coffey explains.
Speaking further, Mr. Coffey says ethical principles of the press union are key to the vibrancy of any country.

Mr. Coffey notes that one of the provisions of ethical principle is about decent expressions, citing Article 5.4 Section 5.4 and 6.3 of the PUL Constitution.

According to Coffey, there is no history in Liberia that Liberia fought war as a result of journalists’ report, saying the union is not willing to set such record.

He assures that the union will implement the Code of Ethics to the fullest against anyone who will violate any of the provisions prescribed in the Union’s Constitution.
PUL Alarms

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