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Medical practitioner seeks help

A medical practitioner in the country is appealing to local and international philanthropic organizations for laboratory equipment to enhance his services to the public.

Mr. James Vezely, proprietor of the Vezely Hope Clinic located on Bushrod Island, suburb of Monrovia made the appeal recently he spoke to reporters.

He said the medical facility which has a laboratory need equipment and is therefore seeking intervention of goodwill organizations.

He names equipment such as Microscopes, Centrifuge, Sugar, Pressure, Malaria, Hemocus, Ethnography (obstetrical), Gynecology, Theoretic Abdominal, Aspirator (Gynecology), Thermoflash, Delivery and Gynecology tables, including beds.

He notes that these tools will eventually make it easy for patients visiting the facility to be tested and diagnosed properly of diseases before administering prescriptions.

By Emmanuel Mondaye

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