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Meet Liberia’s Most Famous Single Singer

George Winston Yates, Musically known as Lil Scan is a Liberian, born 1986 in the Township of Louisiana, Montserrado County, product of the union of Irene Kesselly Freeman-Yates and George Zento Yates. He is currently Liberia most famous solo singer and lead vocalist whose music continuously thrills the hearts of all those who listen to him.

The timbre of his voice captured the hearts of both old and young folks in the year 2000, when he was discovered as a kid lead vocalist in the Little White Chapel Church choir (a Church down in the slum of Logan Town, Bushrod Island). Since then he continues to bring relief to the hearts of many Liberians.

New Dawn: Lil Scan welcome to the New Dawn Entertainment.  

Yates: Thanks for the opportunity afforded me.

New Dawn: Now tell us who is Lil Scan?

Yates: Well I am George Winston Yates, musically known as Lil Scan, a circular Liberian Musician, a Christian, age 24 and a senior student of the AMEZUC reading Sociology major and Management manner.

New Dawn: How did you get to become a Liberian musician?

Yates: I started at the age of 12 as a member of a neighborhood male-chorus, singing around (from Church to Church, street to street, and occasion to occasion) with my elder brothers. This went on for some times until I expressed my interest to join the Little White Chapel Church choir and as God will have it I was accepted and soon began to provide lead for many of the songs sang during my days with this Church choir. While in the choir, a one time staff of UNICEF name Duke Edmond Lewis heard me do the lead for a song during a father’s day occasion at the Church and extended me an invitation to travel to Ivory Coast so as to benefit from a youth progressive training sponsor by UNICEF.

New Dawn: What was the essence of the training?

Yates: It was all about sensitizing West African youths about the danger of AIDS.

New Dawn: How did the training impact your life or nurture your singing talent?

Yates: Oh, to a great extend, in fact, it was at this training program I got my inspiration to go circular, I mean singing Worldly songs. Songs that have impacted the lives of Liberians yea Africans to some extent. At the Ivorian training Duke Edmond Lewis and I were opportune to do a song each on the danger of AIDS, preventive methods and society expected approach to people infected with the disease.

New Dawn: How did the audience respond to your performance?

Yates: My brother, the entire hall went wide and as they went crazy for the lyrics in my song, something in my inner part showed me that I am a super soul singer for life, ever since I have kept this at the back of my mind and continue to produce music the people really appreciate.

George Winston Yates is one of the key characters in the Liberian movie titled, I-mo-chie, he is one of Liberia’s few songs writer and producer.

Yates in 2008 produced the remix to the song call Bor-bor, a music originally done by the group Unite 1 Crude.

New Dawn: Is it good being a Liberian Musician?

Yates: Uh-h-h-h! Yes it is good providing entertainment through musical lyrics, especially where the folks I mean young and old really appreciate the words and styles of your mind.

New Dawn: Finally, as we wind down this interview, is there any final message?

Yates: Well, to all other Liberian musician out there, please make music that or people will appreciate, dance to , love to listen to and like to pay the artist if they can, if we make these sought of songs, we will definitely be respected and I tell you individual and corporate sponsorships would definitely come from all wrought of live

New Dawn: Thanks for granting us this interview.

Yates: It is a pleasure always, may God bless our land Liberia.

In 2002 Yates added another value to his singing talent, this time he became a marvelous “brake dancer”, performing at almost all of the biggest talent shows held not only in 2002, but through 2003, 04, and 05. He won several prizes for dancing and was called the Liberian Michael Jackson (the world former number one pop star who died a little over a year ago).

The young musician has been able to produced five singles, including Shadow, Borger-bob, come my sweet baby, Fire in the hole and Save Africa.  He is at the moment working on two additional songs (names withheld) to be released in December 2010, a song he said when released shall add flavor to 2010 Christmas celebrations.


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