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Meeting of Minds Needed to Get Back on Course, Amb. Weah

The New Dawn-Liberia, on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 quoted the man considered the undisputable face of the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC as warning members of the House of Representatives, on the party’s tickets to give back to the electorate or he would lead a campaign to vote them out come 2014 and 2017 elections, respectively. George Weah remind the Representatives that It was time for them to give back to the people, who voted for them during those elections because their love and respect for the CDC.

At a thanksgiving service on Sunday, 25 May to commemorate the party’s 8th anniversary in Oldest Congo Town, the CDC Political Leader emphasized that it was unfortunate and disheartening to note that the hopes of Liberians, who believe in the ideology of the CDC, were already dashed due to the careless attitudes of some CDC Representatives and Senators in the House of Representatives and Liberian Senate. Weah described as a complete disservice to the Liberian people for elected officials to turn their back on those who stood in the rain and the sun to vote them to power, suggesting that Legislators of the CDC must be able to set standards for direct reflection of the people, further stressing that in creating the room of true representation, CDCians in the Legislature should pass bills that are people-oriented.

He cautioned them against passing, what he referred to as critical bills in the absence of the people’s inputs. While some may welcome the stand being current taken by Ambassador Weah against Legislators from his party, others would also think that the move may just be belated. It is an open fact that many opportunities have availed themselves for such action, but the Ambassador continued to exercise ignorance.

Perhaps, Mr. Weah could be under pressure from his party’s executives, especially Chairman George Solo and Vice Chairman Mulbah Morlu to issue such position against Legislators they perceived as ‘unfriendly’ and undesirable partisans of the Congress for Democratic Change. It may also be that the lack of political education and maturity on the part of the party leadership could also be keeping the Legislators far away.

Another school of thought may also be harbouring the belief that Ambassador George Weah’s new political dream for the Liberian Senate come 2014 could also be an attributing factor for this latest political development within the CDC, especially so when many of the party’s Legislators find themselves comfortable a political marriage with the ruling Unity Party, in terms of collaboration and coordination, and not necessarily membership with the former.

For us, to foster reconciliation and progress in the Congress for Democratic Change, Mr. Weah, as the undisputable face of the CDC and his executives must reach out to these Legislators with an Olive branch. As leaders, they must understand the reason(s)/cause(s) behind the distant relationship between these Legislators and their party, in terms association and contributions to the sustenance of their beloved political institutions-in other words, there must be a meeting of the minds so as to get back on course.

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