Mercy Corp Abandoned Accident Victims?

Reports reaching this paper indicate that Mercy Corp has abandoned accident victims that were injured by that NGO vehicle in Sinkor on the Tubman Boulevard.

The incident occurred on 14th street when a Mercy Corp vehicle marked license plate#NG-105 and a yellow Nissan sunny- bearing license plate number TX-1649, collided leaving several persons with major and minor injuries.

The accident investigation revealed that, the operator of NG-105 was traveling from East to West on the Tubman Boulevard, while the operator of TX-1649 was traveling from West to East on said boulevard.

Reaching at 14th Street intersection on Tubman Boulevard, an unknown vehicle stopped to grant a pedestrian a right of way.  In that process the operator of NG-105 who as following too closely with excessive speed failed to stop, he drove with excessive speed and crossed the border line and collided with the TX-1649 in the stop and go lane.

As the result of this accident, the operator of TX-1649, Abdulla Traore and four occupants of TX-1649 sustained laceration and other injuries. The driver of the Taxi Abdulla Traore sustained laceration on his head, Munah Bonah sustained minor jury of her left leg, Nuwoe Naileh sustained minor injury of her right leg, while Samuel Walyel sustained laceration on his head and Karen Tye sustained serious laceration of her neck.

They were immediately rushed to the J.F. Kennedy Memorial hospital where they were treated and discharged by the doctor on call, except Karen Tye who remained for further examinations. Karen Tye has done three different x-rays, the doctor called the immediate relatives and revealed that the x-ray results were bad and her case would not be handled in Liberia, as such he recommended referral aboard.   

Based on the doctor’s advice the family of Karen Tye said they contacted Mercy Corp at which time the Country Director of Mercy Corp, represented by one Sema (Office Manager/ Operation) requested the doctor’s report. The medical report shows that she sustained C5 – fracture of the spine and needed to go abroad for further treatment.

A copy of the report the family said was sent to Mercy Corp, but family members said the NGO said it could do nothing about the victim’s situation until a police report regarding the incident is released. The family said contrary to Mercy Corp’s initial position, the police report has since been released with a letter from the Chief of Traffic to that entity but to no avail.

The family of Karen Tye is calling on all human rights groups and government, to join them in insisting that Mercy Corp take responsibility of its action. When contacted, Mercy Corp Country Director Haissein Abduille denied the allegation and told this paper via mobile phone that he could not comment on the allegation further.

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