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Mere angry talk

-Weah describes secret recording

Under fire President George Weah has described as mere angry talk recording of his party chairman revealing his extra marital affairs with female cabinet ministers.

On Monday December 23, talk show host Henry Costa played an audio recording purported to be that of the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC, Mr. MulbahMorlu, in which he discussed the president’s privates affairs with his female cabinet ministers among others.

But speaking Monday December 23, 2019 following the dedication of 40 buses donated by the Indian Government to the National Transit Authority to ease public transportation here, Mr. Weah told journalists that “everyone can get angry and talk.”

However, he said his major concerns are those that sit when people are expressing their frustration to record them and play them-he described them as rocketeers.

Weah: “Morlu is the chairman of the CDC, I mean everyone can get angry and talk. But those that sit when people are expressing their frustration to record them and play them, these are the rocketeers.”

“I don’t want to dignify rocketeers. Those people are rocketeers. The only way they can survive is to blackmail people. So I don’t want to dignify that,” Mr. Weah said adding “Morlu is the chairman of CDC. We have to encourage Morlu to ensure that he takes care of the party and makes sure that the party works with the government and the people of Liberia-this is our focus.”

President Weah’s comments appears to have down played the content of the recording and rather expressed concerns over those within the party circles who are engage in secretly recording conversations of others.

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