Mere prayer doesn’t win election

Controversial Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson urges his colleagues in the senate to be more prayerful than ever before, as they prepare for midterm election in 2020.

He says senators should put God first in everything they do, stressing that they need Godeveryday especially, ahead of the 2020 senatorial election.

He recalls that in past election 15 senators went for re-election and only two came back, while 12 lost, saying,”We are in the days of uncertainty. When you meet senators, they will always boast that they have no match in their counties, but when youlook at the end, it’s zero; those who made those challenging remarks were
kicked out.”

Who told Senator PYJ that prostrating and calling on God when elections are around get people elected? Getting elected in a political race requires more than just vainly calling on the name of the Lord.

Rather than calling on fellow senators to come to God and pray for re-election, the political pastor and ex-rebel leader should tell his colleagues to give account of their stewardship to the Heavenly Father.

What have they done for their people in the past nine and 18 years that God would acknowledge and therefore, grant them re-election? As senators, when last have they assessed the health conditions of the people and increase budgetary allotments to the various counties to improve the health situation or toured public schools across the county where students sit on the bare floor to take lessons due to lack of chairs?

They increased taxes on the already suffering masses under the pretense of raising revenue for development when in actual sense, they only want money to pursue their selfish agenda while the electorate wallop in disease, illiteracy and misery.
When God’s people placed in their care are dying across the country because health institutions don’t have electricity, drugs, logistics and incentives for staff then Senator PYJ believes they can just call His name and get approval for another nine years of plunder, greed and mismanagement.

Perhaps the political pastor, senator PYJ seems to be reading his Bible upside down, because relationship with the Father has strict principals, for He says if we do this or that, then He will answer our prayers and grant our requests.

We cannot be dining and winding in sins and at the same time expect God to give us his attention. No! It does not work that way. Our Father in heaven has principles and wants or expects His children on earth to live within confines of His precepts.

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