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Press Release

MIA Ends Strategy Planning Workshop

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has ended a workshop on strategy planning involving local government officials in the provincial capital of Tubmanburg, Bomi County. It was held on Wednesday April 13.

The workshop was part of the ministry’s strategic planning, following a targeted consultation with internal and external stakeholders, with the support of EU’s LTTA/CDP and UNDP’s LDLD programme.  This workshop forms part of that consultation process.

The objective of the workshop was to have the participation and ownership of local government officials, traditional leaders and civil society in MIA’s strategic planning process for the purposes of strengthening both the quality of the strategy and its institutional sustainability.

The workshop saw the presentation and discussion of the strategic planning process, including consultations and drafting. Review of mandate, mission and functions. It also witnessed a brainstorming session on priority issues for MIA to address in the strategic planning period; interventions/activities necessary to address the issues; and expected results.

The deliverables of the workshop was to help participants understand MIA’s strategic planning process and what it means for them, understand MIA’s updated Mandate, Mission, Vision and Functions, and also solicit contributions from participants on the priorities that MIA should address in its strategic plan as well as suggestions on how these priorities can be addressed and with what result (objective and outcome)

The participants included local government leaders, traditional leaders, sector heads, and civil society.

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