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Rep. Forh rejects Code of Conduct

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Montserrado County Electoral District#16 Representative Dr. Edward S. Forh, who was engulfed in the “You eat; I eat” district development fund scandal few years back, has sharply opposed the Code of Conduct legislated for public officials here, which has generated heated controversy in the public.

The law requires appointed officials seeking elective posts, including the presidency to resign two or three years prior to polling day, but some say it is a clever witch-hunt by members of the Liberian Legislature to halt political opponents.

Giving his stance on the code on Wednesday, 17 May at St. Paul Bridge Town Hall on Bushord Island, suburb of Monrovia when he was certificated by a local organization, Independent Youth Liberia for Peace and Democracy (IYLPD) Rep. Forh argues: “I believe that every Liberian should be given the opportunity to contest for public office, if you look back at history, one of the reasons that we attributed to the 14 years of civil war is exclusion of people from the body politics.”

According to him, the debate could be approached from two fronts, saying the law is the law, if there are any deceptive opinion on what the law should look like then room is there for the amendment of the law.

He continues that to have a law that would exclude “well-meaning people” from participating in the politics of the country is unnecessary.“In my mind as Rep. Forh, I don’t support it, but it is the law of the country and I was a part of the debate and I was a part of the decision, but generally, we think that is the law just when it became expedient.”

He recalls that the Comprehensive Peace Accord brokered in Accra, Ghana in 2003, which ended the civil crisis here, set aside the Constitution of Liberia in order to usher in a system that would restore lasting peace and prosperity to the country.

“We as a people cannot use the very laws that was once set aside by the sub-region to deny our compatriots from partaking in the coming elections, but I respect the laws, I respect the ruling of the Supreme Court and being what it is, maybe in the next years there will be attempts to make a proper amendment to the law and place it before the floor of plenary”, said Rep. Forh, a member of Senator George Weah’s Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) party.

Commenting on the recognition bestowed on him, he acknowledges making tremendous efforts in New Kru Town before it became electoral district#16, adding that he is happy that among many others, he was being recognized for his works.

Asked whether he’s done well to claim the attention of his constituents to have him re-elected, Rep. Forh quickly responded, “Yes, I am going to give them a hat trick and the respect I have shown to our people, they are among the few districts in the county that can show tangibles from all of the county development funds, and the legislative support funds.”

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