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Michael Allison’s Death and Its Investigation

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe news of the death of young Liberian Legal practitioners- Atty. Michael Allison, early last Friday (February 13, 2015) may have just been very shocking to many Liberians, considering the circumstances leading to the discovery of his remains on a beach a few yards away from the headquarters of the UN Mission in Liberia in Sinkor.

Whether Atty. Allison- son of Liberia’s late Defense Ministry Gray D. Allison, got drowned or murdered as it is being assumed in several quarters of the Liberian society, we can only hope and pray for a conclusive investigation that will establish the actual cause of his death.

A few of us have no doubt that the Liberia National Police, through its Homicide Division, will do a professional investigation- free of all forms of sentiments and perceptions to disabuse our minds of whatever ‘conclusion we may be jumping into’, now that a Sierra Leonean Pathologist is in Monrovia to determine how Michael Allison may have died.

In as much one may not want to raise eye-brows at the various assumptions by some Liberians as to how Allison may have died on Thursday, it is also important to share their sentiments, perhaps, because of the circumstances surrounding the young man’s death.

But with the level of professionalism and specialty characterizing the current police operations, this time, “something good will come from Nazareth”.

 By now, the lady who is reported to have been with Michael the whole of Thursday, cooked for him and even  escorted him to the beach should be helping the police; by now, the police should be in possession of Michael’s call logs from whatever GSM Comp[any with which he was subscribing from January 15, 2015 to the time of his death to determine alleged threatening messages he may have received; even some of those who called him and reasons could be identified; and so many other things, including the interrogation of those who may have seen him as a serious threat since exposing the US$25,000.00 Corruption saga.

Not that someone may be trying to implicate another person; but in some countries, including the great United States, these could be clues to police investigation considering such financial scandal, especially involving senior public officials. But again, the Liberia National Police knows what’s best to rely on in its investigation.

Amid the many criticisms, we can only hope that the best will come out of the police, because many of us are watching this investigation with “eager eyes” considering the inability of the government to produce the autopsy results of the late Representative Moses Tandapoli death and its investigation, among a few others.

This time, Liberians would really be anxiously awaiting the result of  the autopsy on the remains of Atty. Michael Allison to know whether or not he died by drowning in the Atlantic Ocean. 

By Comarade Wenleekyen Miyeng

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