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Mills Jones disappoints supporters

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaHundreds of individuals believed to be supporters and partisans of the Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE in Margibi County, who had gathered on Thursday, 27 April at the party local headquarters in Kakata City to receive their standard bearer and presidential hopeful Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, are disenchanted over Dr. Jones’ decision to abandon them and return to Monrovia.

The disenchanted partisans and supporters most of them women, came from various parts of Margibi, including Kakata, Worhn, Larkay-ta, Firestone, Borlorla, Yarwulie and other towns were seen standing in the sun for several hours at the local headquarters, awaiting Dr. Jones, but their hope was completely dashed when the ex-Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia abandoned them and hurriedly boarded his vehicle for Monrovia in complete disappointment.

They claimed to have been invited by officials of MOVEE in Margibi to receive the standard bearer, leaving their basic schedules only to fall prey to the political ignore.
Some of the aggrieved partisans claim they booked hotels and chartered vehicles because of their distances, but were let down when Dr. Jones quietly and quickly got in his official vehicle after convening a closed door discussion with officials of the party at the local headquarters.

They said the least thing Dr. Jones should have done was just to wave and speak to them to indicate he respects and cares for them instead of cool shouldering.“At least if they looked at our faces one by one, it will be alright, but they just leave like that, is making us to feel bad. Since this morning up to now only hot water they gave us to just be drinking, drinking, drinking and it can’t fill our gut. One of our members over there, he went to us and said, our main man coming today, so that’s how we came here,” a female partisan laments.
Madam Sianneh Fallah of World Bank Community stated: “We were told to come and meet our incoming president but he came and misled us; he didn’t even speak to us as a group, while he was coming down from upstairs. Our being here had wasted. I was invited by the party chairman. He was to even speak to us not so much of money, but speak to us to show concern. Is this the way he will lead us tomorrow when we put him in power?”

“I am vex because I left my business area, I’ve spent two hours here and he passed by us and entered, and he was coming now he never even wave to us”, says Salome Timah, another disappointed partisan.

Madam Elizabeth Browne angrily speaking says: I’m not happy because of the way I don’t know president or aspirant or what treated us today. He treated us in the way that we felt dishonored, discouraged; we felt ashamed. Dr. Jones wants my vote then he’s treating me like this, well, time will tell.”

When contacted, the county chairman of MOVEE, James Tarnue, embarrassingly replied: “Yes, myself, it was not too fine. After the old man left, you know the old man; I don’t know what he did, I mean the people say he never waved to them.” However, Chairman Tarnue claims transportation reimbursement was provided to the partisans.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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