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Mills Jones’ L$72m Campaign Money to Senator Howard-Taylor (Part 2)

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The deceit, selfishness and treachery continuously exhibited by the Senior Senator of Bong County against the people she should have ably represented without any hindrance, may just be hunting her now that she’s seeking re-election.

Little did she understand nine years ago that time shall always pass, when she boasted before a group of protesting Bong County students from the Cuttington University in Suakoko at the Gbarnga Administration Building in 2006 that “she had a job for nine years and that no one could do anything to her.” That may have been the fact, but it was too soon for Senator Taylor to begin presenting herself as demi-god – and as the real Almighty God would have it, she made a ‘true life confession’ when told the people of Bong County during a radio talk show on Radio Gbarnga that ‘she had not been in tone with them for eight years because of her travel ban; and furthermore, she was attending the law school in Monrovia’- a complete self-indictment.

The Senator made the ‘true life confession’, perhaps envisaging ‘cash politics’ as the only way out of the betrayal of the trust and confidence the people of Bong County reposed in her in 2005 as an ‘adopted daughter’ on the basis of the sentiments and sympathy of former President Charles G. Taylor- the man she unceremoniously divorced only because he was in big trouble.

When she negotiated for the L$72m with the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia or CBL, Mr. J. Mills Jones on behalf of the people of Bong County as micro loan – breaching most of the rules, including the moratorium placed on the micro-loan scheme until next year, it took many by surprise when the deal was reported by the New Dawn Newspaper as the direct result of her revelation to her “Friends of Jewel” in Gbarnga City at its recent launch.

“I went to the Central Bank and lobbied for L$72m for ‘Bong County; all I am trying to do here is for you to say the woman has helped us, (so) let’s give her our votes,”  were just a few of the recorded remarks of Senator Taylor, even though there are still some deeper comments on the same tape.

I’m sure the Senator’s revelation was far from what Governor Jones or the CBL anticipated – but again, who knows whether it was intentional for Jewel Howard-Taylor to expose Governor Mills Jones to public ridicule and dampen his presidential ambition, even though the Senator had expressed to him her interest in becoming his vice presidential running-mate come 2017.

Outraged by the paper’s reportage as a result of her own political inadequacy, the Senior Senator of Bong County chose to go war with the New Dawn Newspaper by raining insults on the management of the paper- I mean real four-lettered words in the presence of some of her colleagues, including Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff of Montserrado County and others in the cafeteria of the Liberian Senate, probably to give the impression that the story was on the path of falsehood, despite a ‘fleshless’ release she issued on Wednesday night.  “We all write that bullshit; that completely astray and I too will dam shit to deal fucking shit,” a few of the true nature of the Bong County Senator.

Quite frankly, she’s actually troubled and frustrated by the New Dawn publications- and her worry back in Bong County is the negative impact of her own deceit and treachery as exhibited in her bad attitudes towards Bongese, zeroing in on her misrepresentation of the people of Bong County to Governor Mills Jones and the Central Bank of Liberia for selfishness.

Had Jewel actually been appreciative and deserving of the trusteeship placed in her hands for the nine years by the people of Bong County by demonstrating the qualities of a good Senator, she would have been on a ‘safari’ in her current re-election bid, and that individuals in the county, including Representative George Sylvester Mulbah of District # 3 would not be referring to her as a “political expatriate”. Trust me; no one in the county would have even placed her in the category of an ‘adopted daughter’ of Bong County.

Let no Bong County citizen be fooled into believing that since Senator Taylor did not do well in her first nine year-term, a second chance would be better- that’s a complete rhetoric that doesn’t work in modern and practical politics.

Let this reminder go forth to all of my compatriots aspiring for elected offices and those appointed to public offices not only in Bong County, but across Liberia, that it is better to live life today as if you were living it tomorrow; the day of your induction as a Senator, Representative or an appointed official of government, is the beginning of your campaign and success if you should have future ambition. That’s what Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor deliberately refused to do for the nine years in the Liberian Senate representing the people of Bong County.

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