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Minister Brown assures Lawmakers

Min Brown Lawmakers NDThe Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism Lewis Brown, has clarified that he has no intention to bring the Honorable House of Representatives to public humiliation as alleged by Montserrado County Representative, Solomon C. George.

Minister Brown made the clarification when he read a communication before the full Plenary of the House of Representatives Tuesday, in response to an invitation from the House’s leadership to answer to allegations levied against him by Rep. Solomon C. George.

In a communication to Plenary dated June 6, 2015, Representative George asserted that Minister Brown on June 25 in a press briefing at the Ministry of Information used utterances that had the propensity to diminish the role of the Liberian Legislature in the governance of the country; to expose that honorable body to public humiliation and to castrate the House of its constitutional responsibilities.

But Minister Brown noted that on the contrary, it is he and some members of the Cabinet, who have been repeatedly brought to public derision by some members of the Legislature, arguing, “We have been publicly summoned, cited, humiliated and disdainfully instructed and dismissed.”

Brown continued, “We have been entreated with contempt as if we do not know what we are doing nor do we ‘care enough’ about the people of Liberia.” He added that these rebukes and criticisms often seek to wrongly impress the public that the government does not comprise three branches or that as members of the same government, they lack the means of shedding their individual or group disagreements through the

proper channels.

He noted that he and his colleagues are often compelled to address public rebukes or unfair criticisms of the government from within the government especially from some members of the Legislature. By Bridgett Milton -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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