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Minister Tweh chides young people

The Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Amos Tweh, has cautioned young people here to focus on their talents in achieving their goals.

Many of you have brilliant talents that can make you a better person for the future, but you failed to utilize them, he said.

Deputy Minister Tweh gave the challenged at the weekend during the launch of a new movie produced by a group of talented youths known as New Dimension Movie Production in Logan Town on Bushrod Island, a commercial district of Monrovia. The launch brought together thousands of youths and government officials.

Tweh reminded the young people that not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country in terms of making it better because no one will do it for you.

According to the Deputy Minister, if Liberia must be get better, every young people  here must avoid things that will destabilized the country,  saying, young people often allowed themselves to be used by people, who don’t want well for this country, something which has the propensity to destroying the growth and development of  the country.

He said instead of engaging in violence, young people should become a vessel of change.”Young people can only be useful citizens for the future when they decide to turn away from those bad things that will cause calamity for the country”, Tweh said.

He told the young people that their talent in engaging into movie production, among other activities can help to buttress government’s effort in various communities because government alone can’t do everything.

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The deputy MIA boss stressed that young people must always see themselves as the next future leaders for the country, because it is only they, who will  hold people together in good relationship and focus on things that will transform the country into development rather than creating jealousy for one another.

Minister Tweh noted that most young people were engaging themselves in matters that do not represent them, but rather to create chaos, adding that everyone should join hands and work together for the betterment of the country.

“We all aware of the destruction that came from the deadly Ebola outbreak; it is now time that everybody, including youths of this country to fight back in redeeming this country from the hands of the virus, because it has taken away innocent lives, including doctors, nurses, family members and other relatives”, Tweh concluded.

By Lewis S. Teh

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