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Minster bows to Lawmakers

Boss of MICAT NDThe Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism or MICAT, Lewis Brown, on Tuesday, turned on his statement made at one of the ministry’s regular press briefings that the education reform proposal was a government decision.

Minister Brown, who appeared before the House’s Plenary on Tuesday, August 18, to answer questions for his statement that the decision by the Executive Branch, through the Minister of Education, to close schools was a marble stone that couldn’t be reversed.

Following the oath to Minister Brown, he was ask by the presiding to read his ten-page letter written to the office of the House’s Chief Clerk, when he was initially requested to appear before Plenary on July 7.

“How possible is the education reform a government decision, according to you, that we don’t know of, but in the president communication to this plenary dated July 30, she wants to meet with the leadership of the House on the proposal made by the Education Minister? So, do you still stand by your word that the education reform is a government decision and not a proposal?” the Presiding, Speaker Alex Tyler questioned Brown.

But the Information Minister, who attempted everything in his power to evade Speaker Tyler’s question, later “fell flat” before Plenary, said, before the president’s communication to the House, the decision was government’s decision, but the president’s latest communication revised the decision to a proposal.

The action to play smart by Minister Brown angered Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi who went personal with the Minister, describing his decision not to accept his wrong-doing as total disrespect and unruly to Members of the House. He recommended serious action against the Minister.

“Mr. presiding, we will not sit here to see this young man disrespect us; these are young people in government now misleading the president. Let hold this young man in contempt, find him and send him to jail because this was the same advice he gave to form President Taylor that got him behind bars today,” the Nimba County Lawmaker expressed.

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However, Montserrado County District #11 Representative J. Gabriel Nyankan also raised a motion to adjoin session to resume Thursday, August 20, at 10:00am to continue with the interrogation of Minister, describing the matter as very important to have concluded on Tuesday. By Ben P. Wesee -Edited by George Barpeen

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