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Misrepresenting Honorableness of the Liberian Legislature

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On Wednesday, June 19, 2013, we published the story of an unfortunate incidence, which occurred on Monday, June 17, 2013, between a senior member of the Liberian Government and a local musician.

The core of the incidence was the alleged assault by Representative Edwin M. Snowe of Electoral District # 6 of Montserrado County executed against one of Liberia’s most popular musical artist, Jonathan Koffa, CKA Takum ‘J’ in Central Monrovia.  The alleged assult by Representative Snowe on Takum ‘J’ is said to have ensued after his Pathfinder Jeep narrowly escaped head-on colliding with the official vehicle of the Representative, while attempting to enter the United Nations Drive toward the Mamba Point diplomatic community in Central Monrovia.

“The two vehicles nearly collided, but we managed to avoid it; this representative chased me to Newport Street, only  to beat me up”, Takun ‘J’ narrated to this paper, noting further that following the incident, Snowe, without any delay ran to his car, pulled him out and gave him several “mean punches” into his mouth, leaving him with blood-gushing bruises in the presence of his international partner.

Confirming the incidence on Tuesday, Representative Snowe, Chairman of the Committee of the House of Representatives on Rules and Orders said:“Last night, I was  going up to Mamba Point between the UN Drive and Newport Street, this car crossed in front of me and made a deep cut right in front of me; When I asked why he was driving like that, he said it is a public street- anybody can drive anyway; do you know who I am?”

While the good-old Lord may have interceded in averting whatever may have been an accident, the angry emotion exhibited by such popular public figure as Representative Edwin M. Snowe was unfortunate and a complete misrepresentation of the honorableness of the Liberian Legislature.

Rep. Snowe would have either exercised his good leadership characteristics/traits by behaving as a people-sensitive public official (by constructively engaging Takum ‘J’) or invited the Liberia national Police to intervene, if he thought the young man was in the wrong. But to have chosen the route he decided, only reminds us all about the ‘days of the People’s Redemption Council or PRC in the 1980s or the period of jumble justice-the 1990s in Liberia.

Without any disrespect or malice to the Representative, to assault the musician even if he had exercise arrogance or disrespect was not decent and responsible in the eyes/presence of those who witnessed Monday Night’s incident- even if he’s condemned for whatever carelessness and arrogance he may have exhibited to him (Snowe). Not only was this an unfortunate situation for us as a people, but sad moment for the Liberian Legislature and the country.

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