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Miss Earth Liberia takes on first project

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The winner of the recent Miss Earth Liberia beauty pageant charming Robell C. Hovers discloses she has embarkedher first endeavor, called Eco project.

“This Eco project is established to acknowledge people on the environmental issues, and to help people on social issues”, says Miss Hovers.

Addressing a news conference on Friday, January 8, 2020 at the Monrovia City Hall in Monrovia she the project is in two phases – the first is the environment, and the second will focus on social issues.

According to her,phase one mainly targets students between ages 11 and16.”We decided to use those ages to be able to build their minds on the environment; upon entering senior high school or college and reaching adolescent age they will be able to understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment.”

Miss Hovers said her team will visit studentsfrom elementary and junior high, including communities to establish environmental clubs, appointing community chairmen as head to set a date aside for cleanup campaign.

She also pointed out that the project will distributer Eco friendly trash cans in Montserrado County, divided into seven zones, including Paynesville, Somali Drive, BushordIsland, St .Paul, Bridge, Bensonville and Careysburg

“We are trying to create a self-esteem environment for everyone to have experience, and it is time for people to realize the importance of having a clean environment; we all must work together to make our various environments clean, and to do that we all needs to be mentally stable.”

At the same time Miss Robell C. Hovers said phase 2 of Eco project (social issues) similarly targets students from ages 11-16 who she observed, understand difficulties of life, particularly peer pressure and tradition, among others.

She stressed a need for young people to go back to their rules and take on discipline their parents imparted in them and thanked the Environment Protect Agency and the Monrovia City government for the support giving her so far.

By Lewis S. Teh

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