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MNG Gold Management feeds police investigators

This paper reliably gathers that police authorities have allegedly abandoned their investigators in the hands of MNG Gold mining company for feeding and daily upkeep while they probe a recent accident involving a vehicle hired by the company that led to death of four persons and subsequent retaliatory looting of its facilities by residents.

This paper has been reliably informed that a team of officers from the Liberia National Police (LNP’s) Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and Police Support Unit (PSU) were dispatched at MNG Gold mining site in Kokoyah, Bong County following the deaths and subsequent looting of MNG Gold’s facilities.

But our source says the officers have been abandoned by police authorities and they are left to be cared for by the Turkish mining company MNG Gold management, why investigating the cause of the demonstration on the company’s properties.

The police have already charged 67 persons with multiple offenses following preliminary investigation and sent them to court for prosecution.The four persons whose death caused the demonstration were said to be riding on a motorbike when the company’s vehicle allegedly collided with the motorbike and killed all occupants, including the bike operator. It led to the looting of MNG Gold facilities by angry residents.

According to police sources, the suspects including 64 men and 3 women have been charged with armed robbery, rioting, arson, burglary, criminal conspiracy, criminal mischief and theft.This paper is informed that following the looting of the MNG Gold facilities by residents, these police investigators were deployed in Kokoyah by their bosses with some alleged arrangements that they would have received feeding and money for their upkeep from the Liberia National Police (LNP).
But our source complains that since November 5 up to press time, there has been no response or support from the LNP authorities.

Our source points out that the abandoned officers are now depending on the MNG mining company to feed them and take care of their daily needs while they continue to carry out their investigation.Our source continues that all efforts and communications to the police headquarters in Monrovia have fallen on deaf ears.

When this paper contacted Police Spokesman Moses Carter on Sunday, 25 November, he did not deny the claim, saying it is the sole responsibility of MNG mining company to feed and support those officers that were posted in Kokoyah.

According to Mr. Carter, the LNP officers are paid monthly to do their job, arguing that being deployed in Kokoyah, Bong County is part of their job.He continues that the police authorities have played their part by deploying the investigators there, and it’s the sole responsibility of the company to take care of them.

By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley


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