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MoE asks for additional US$3 million

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The Ministry of Education seeks an additional US$3 million to its allotment in the national budget to enable it address problems in the educational system of Liberia.

Appearing before the House of Representatives Thursday, 13 June Deputy Education Minister for Administration, Latin Da-Tong, says three years ago, the former government formed partnership with institutions under which terms government is responsible to pay her teachers, not the partners, adding that partners’ job was only to help with learning outcome.

He discloses the Ministry of Education has 17, 216 teachers currently working across the country, 12, 000 of them are on payroll. He says partners however agreed to provide stipends for the remaining over 5,000 teachers who are not on payroll, while the Government of Liberia explores means to absolve them on the payroll, but it has been a challenge, financially.

He explains the Ministry succeeded in removing ghost names from the payroll but there is still need to increase budgetary allotment for education so that all of the teachers in public schools around the country would be placed on payroll.

Deputy Minister Da-Tong made the plead when he was invited to respond issues affecting teachers recruited or hired by the Ministry of Education and are assigned in educational partners-sponsored schools operating across the country.By Bridgett Milton–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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