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MOE dupped over L$73,000

MoE officialsPolice in Monrovia have levied multiple criminal charges against an Education Ministry Security Supervisor and a Finance Ministry employee over claims of colluding with a resident of Congo Town in duping the Education Ministry of $73,560 Liberian Dollars.

MOE’s Security Supervisor Harris V. Kokeh, Finance Ministry employee Alphonson Dash Wilson and Congo Town resident Jerome Weah were charged after investigation into former Education Minister Etmonia David Tarpeh’s written complaint against them.

Defendants Kokeh and Wilson were jointly charged with economic sabotage and criminal facilitation, while co-defendant Jerome Weah, who allegedly used the name “Samuel Browne” faces charges of economic sabotage, forgery and impersonating.

Police said on 25 May, former Education Minister Madam Tarpeh wrote complaint that the three defendants were involved in using the name of a staff of the Education Ministry in person of Samuel Browne, to open an account at Global Bank Liberia, a commercial bank and received salaries totaling over 73,560 Liberian Dollars.

The Minister had informed police through the communication that the Browne whose name the defendants were using to get the salaries had himself “not received his salaries since October 2014 to March 2015” and the defendants had been benefiting from the amount in question.

Police said co-defendant Weah alleged that in 2014, his bigger brother Wilson of the Ministry of Finance asked him to use the name Samuel Browne to open an account at Global Bank Liberia, and he allegedly accepted and opened the account as a staff of the Ministry of Education.

Defendant Weah allegedly took some passport size pictures and presented them to co-defendant Wilson, who later brought him an ID card form to fill in, and finally got the identification card bearing the name, Samuel Browne.

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He claimed that co-defendant Harris Kokeh showed him how to write the signature, and in 2014 they took a check valued LD12,250 at Global Bank and withdrew the money.

For his part, co-defendant Kokeh claimed that in October 2014, Wilson asked him to assist with a Global Bank account opening form for his little brother, who was a purported teacher at the Ministry of Education.

Police said defendant Kokeh told investigators that he assisted in opening the account given the over crowdedness of teachers at the ministry at the time.

He further said during their interaction, co-defendant Wilson showed seven pieces of check stocks bearing the name ‘Samuel Browne’ though he denied benefiting from the salary payments to Jerome Weah as ‘Samuel Browne.’

Co-defendant Alphonson Wilson admitted asking Harris to assist in giving his brother a job at the security department of the Ministry of Education, but he denied showing check stocks to Kokeh, and claims of opening account at Global Bank. By Winston W. Parley – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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