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MOE orders schools to remain opened

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has directed all principals, District Education Officers, and County Education Officers to ensure that all schools remain in session until the beginning of the Christmas vacation on 22 December.

An MOE press release issued on 14 December in Monrovia also says after years of civil war, Liberia’s education system has been in a state of crisis. The release furthers that the educational system was later made worse by the Ebola epidemic which caused the overage enrollment at schools to remain a significant challenge at all levels of the system.

The MOE press release notes that approximately 40 percent of primary school students are more than three years older than the appropriate age for their grade.
It says that Liberian children do not need any additional disruption that can negatively impact their ability to be productive citizens in the future.

The release says it is the Ministry’s responsibility to ensure that all of the children of the country have access to quality education. The release then concludes that the Ministry has been working to improve the education system and ensuring that children are in the classrooms and learning is absolutely important to them.–Press release

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