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MOE sanctions Risk’s Institution, Heywood Mission

By Kruah Thompson

The Ministry of Education (MOE) says it will withhold WAEC results of two private schools in the country for gross disrespect and bending the rules.

Addressing a weekly press briefing at the Ministry of Information in Monrovia on Thursday, December 6, 2022, Minister D. Ansu Sonii disclosed that Risk’s Institute in Brewerville and  Haywood Mission on Old Road, two religious institutions, have demonstrated complete disrespect for the ministry over the period. 

“For those two schools mentioned, their WEAC results will be seized”, Minister Sonii announced.

Besides, he said the Ministry has blocked their accounts and permanently removed numbers assigned to these two schools under the exams administered by the West African Examination Council Monrovia Office.

The Minister frowns that some schools in the country believe that there’s no leadership set up by the government to monitor and regulate educational activities here, noting that in this regard, they have created a perpetual disrespectful attitude.

He said these schools have been governing themselves, thereby creating a perpetual disrespectful attitude towards the Ministry of Education.

He continued that those schools involved have forgotten that the Constitution of Liberia gives absolute authority to the Ministry to lay the foundations and platforms for developing national curriculum, setting rules and standards governing educational activities in the country.

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He warned institutions with the thought that they do not fall within the confines of the Ministry of Education, should operate in the sky, but once they are within the airspace of Liberia, the Ministry will exercise its jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the government, through the Ministry of Education says it will arrange for students of those institutions to access their results directly and individually from WAEC Office.

Minister Sonii said they will ensure that their students are registered under a separate name for disrespecting the government.

“MOE is also going to make an arrangement to ensure that all of their senior students, who will be sitting WAEC exams this year, are registered under the name of another school”, he said.

He said parents, who have their children in these schools, may choose to take their children to other institutions if they like, but absolutely no students will register under the name of the two schools mentioned.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education has announced that all prospective graduates from 12th Grade are to pay an amount not exceeding US$100 as graduation fees, and for schools that have a larger amount of students, US$75.00 will be enough.

Minister Sonii further warned that absolutely, no school under his voice and the guidance of the Ministry should request excess amount for graduation, beginning 2022.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/waec-head-of-testing-liberias-educational-system-is-improving/ Editing by Jonathan Browne

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