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MOE, stakeholders begin education sector review

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The Ministry of Education has embarked on a review of the education sector in partnership with various stakeholders.
The review being attended by donors, secretariats, National Parent-Teacher Association (NPTA),National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL), National PrincipalAssociation (NPAL), Civil Society Groups, Federation of Liberian Youth
(FLY), Liberia National Student Union (LINSU), and Association ofUniversities and Coalition of Transparency & Accountability inEducation in Liberia (COTAYE) among others is being held in Gompa City, Nimba County from November 18 – 22.

According to a release, this year’s JESR will address achievements made by the
Ministry of Education since the inception of this government and challenges by finding amicablesolutions that will help professionalize and standardize the educationsystem for the upcoming generation.

This year’s JESR theme is “Restoring the Education Sector for Quality
Outcomes through Collective Efforts and Innovation” with Rev. Dr. Julius JulukonSarwolo Nelson,Jr. President of the University of Liberia serving as keynote speaker.

The review exercise will focus on several thematic areas for thesmooth implementation and operation of the Ministry, including: Financing education, Revised curriculum, Science, TechnologyEngineering & Mathematics (STEM) Education, Teacher Education,Tertiary Education, Governance and management, Monitoring &Evaluation, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Basic & Secondary Education, Vocational, Technical & Inclusive Education, Domestic and
International Expenditure on Education Instructions SupervisionFramework and CEO presentations and Analysis. Press Release

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