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MOE under pressure

The Ministry of Education or MOE appears to be under serious pressure to establish a youth desk. A local group Young Africans Leadership initiative or YALI such desk is necessary to provide opportunity for young people to channel their grievances in finding adequate solutions rather than carrying on demonstration, roadblocks among other things.

Appearing on Power FM Friday, March 2, the head for the Coalition for Youth Education Mr. Beyan Pewee, who is an alumina of the Young African Leadership Initiative, says the intention of his organization is to bring young people together under one umbrella to have them exposed.

“We want to ensure that quality education is given to every young person, and make sure that government serves as a entrepreneurship and ecosystem in the country”.

He notes further that the campaign is for the ministry to provide a space for young people to have a youth desk, something that will help to buttress government’s efforts in mitigating problems that young people face, and it will also give them a clear understanding of the workings of government.

We need Liberian innovators to made things here, we want the youth to understand what is entrepreneurship and ecosystem, because this organization is about shifting the mind of every young person across this country to bring out the talent that they get”, says Pewee.

According to him, the youth desk would serve as a platform to facilitate information exchange between the ministry and youth, which is important because many people don’t know what prompts protest across the country.

He says the proposed youth desk idea would be shared with various ministries to help in reducing problems that youth across this country are face. “Any country that does not consider youth as a development, that country is not bound to succeed. I feel that the young people have a lot of expertise that can be tap on to empower them”.

He names country like Uganda, where youth empowerment is high on the agenda of the country, noting that there is a need for the government to network with young person to help build their talents.

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He says past governments failed to establish a youth desk at the ministry, saying, “now that we have a new government that gives citizens huge expectation of fulfilling their promises, our call to the President and the Minister of Education is to fast track the establishment of this youth initiative for the benefit of every young person.”

By Lewis S. Teh

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