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MoH issues Ebola regulations

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has set up anti-Ebola regulations to govern all citizens irrespective of status or affiliation.

Outgoing Health Minister, Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale, has mandated that all video clubs, night clubs or restaurants should have chlorinated water placed at the entrances of those businesses for hands washing, and everyone’s temperature should be taken, stressing that anyone with 37.5 degree Celsius should be denied entrance and considered an Ebola suspect.

Minister Gwenigale has also instructed that vehicles in Liberia should continue to carry three persons at the back seat until Ebola is eradicated here. He said no community should allow visitors from various counties, especially when the person is sick, adding that if any community has such case, it should be reported to community leaders, who will immediately inform health authorities.

The public health specialist at the Ministry of Health, Thomas Nagbe, said that the Government is monitoring performances of the county health teams, and has provided logistics for the county health teams, including additional operational funds.

He said the response team at the Health Ministry is on the alert for every active case at community level and disclosed that Liberia had 61 new cases on Friday, 21 November  12 of them confirmed positive.

Mr. Nagbe said bad road network in Liberia is one main factor responsible for the spread of deadly Ebola virus, adding that transporting specimen of Ebola patients from one county to another is a serious problem because of bad roads. The Ministry of Health has also ordered every citizen to report anyone showing signs of the Ebola Virus Disease and isolate any suspected Ebola patient.

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