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MoH launches Polio vaccine in Maryland

The Ministry of Health through its Expanded Program on Immunization has launched the Injectable Polio Vaccine in Maryland County to improve protection for children against Polio.

The IPV is a safe polio injection vaccine to protect children against the three types of polio. It also protects children from disease that are the main causes of deaths of children under 5 years.

Dr. Francis Kateh, Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer, says the vaccine protects children below ages one and five. He cautions mothers to keep their children’s vaccine records safe and take it along with them whenever they are visiting a hospital or clinic.

Dr. Kateh stresses that children should be taken to clinics or hospitals five times before reaching age one for the various vaccines to avoid contracting polio. According to him, if babies did take the required vaccines as prescribed by doctors, they are likely to get infected by Polio, a situation which he warns may lead to lifetime problem for a child.

The Medical Officer however clarifies that the IPV is not a campaign, but rather a method created to buttress the efforts of regular oral vaccination.

Speaking during the launch held at J.J. Dossen memorial referral hospital in Harper City, Maryland County on Monday, July 3, Dr. Kateh continues that the Ministry of Health is ready to work with all partners in making sure that proper information is sent out to the public.

He says the vaccine will be available at all clinics and hospitals across the country. For his part, Community Health Director (CHD) Cyrus Senah, promises to work with health workers in the county, the local media and conduct town hall meetings to ensure that massive awareness is carried out in Maryland for parents to take their children for vaccine.

By George K. Momo, Maryland County-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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