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MOL launches ECOWAS Bio-metric card

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Ministry of Labour (MOL) has officially launched an ECOWAS Bio-metric card system for aliens seeking employment in Liberia.

The Ministry says any alien seeking employment, or wanting to do business in the country must obtain a work permit or an identification card.

Speaking Friday, January 16, 2015 at the Ministry or Labour during a capacity building program, and subsequent launching of the ECOWAS Bio-metric card, Minister Neto Z. Lighe, explained that section 34.2(a) and chapter 34 of the Executive Law authorized the Labour Ministry to regulate and set guidelines for aliens’ employment permit here.

He also said section 15.07 of the Labour Law also empowers the ministry to issue regulations and set condition for the employment of persons not Liberians in the country.

Regulations for alien employment in the country include #1; all work permits shall be valid for one calendar year, from the date of issuance and shall be reviewed annually by the Ministry of Labour. Rule #2 states that all aliens who are seeking employment in the formal sector or cooperation partnership with other entities and self-employed shall pay a fee of US$1000.

Minister Lighe further narrated that aliens, who entered into a written contract, bilateral or otherwise with the Government of Liberia to perform services, or aliens employed by bonafide religious or humanitarian organization shall therefore register with the Ministry of Labour, and obtain an employment permit at US$ 200.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour has also inducted three additional Assistant Ministers in office.

Those inducted are Atty. Marion N. Wreh,  a former employee of the Monrovia City Corporation now an  Assistant Minister for Labour Standards; Emmett Crayton,  also a former employee of the Gender Ministry now an  Assistant Minister for Trade Union, and Moriah K. Yeakula, who was also a former administrative assistant to Mary T. Broh at the Monrovia City Corporation, is now an Assistant Minister for Administration.

Minister Neto Lighe thanked President Sirleaf for the appointments, and urged the appointees to work collaboratively in achieving the agenda of the country and the President.

He said, “It is good to show talent about what you can do; this is not a single man job, because everybody needs to work in the interest of the people.”

In response junior Ministers thanked the Labour family for accepting them and promised to work for the benefit of the people. According to them, their coming to the ministry is not to create animosity among one another but to work and achieve the dreams, aspiration and agenda of the ministry.

Also speaking at the program, the Director General of the General Services Agency or( GSA) Madam Mary T. Broh, said the idea of young people coming into government is to create the platform for them to show their ability as  professionals.

She said young people at any place of work serve as the memory of that institution, should therefore work to achieving the dreams and aspiration of the country saying, “You cannot call yourself an Assistant Minister with no idea of composing.”  The GSA Director stressed that every official of government has a responsibility to work for the development of the country.

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