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Monrovia residents take Mayor to task

-Over coronavirus fight

Amidst Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee’s call on Liberian to join the fight against the Coronavirus in the country, many residents of the capital have taken Mr. Koijee to task over the filthiness of the city.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, 17 March in Sinkor, suburb of Monrovia, some Liberians including entrepreneurs, students and marketers, disclosed that while they welcome the Mayor’s invitation to fight the coronavirus, they equally want him to take action and stop feces from overrunning some streets in Monrovia.

They indicate that the fight against the Coronavirus would be more difficult in the wake of the dirtiness of Monrovia, especially with feces taking over several major streets here.
According to businessman Washington Dixon Thomas who sells on Water Street, the city mayor is not serious about fighting the coronavirus because of the huge presence of feces that provide pollute the environment and put Liberians’ health at risk.

Also, Mrs. Marie Klah Jackson, seller at the intersection of New Port Street, notes that since 2019, they have been selling in feces while students of the New Port High School also walk through feces to enter their campus.She discloses that fighting the coronavirus is one thing and cleaning the feces of some streets in Monrovia is another serious embarrassment to the city of Monrovia.

She challenges the city mayor to walk around Monrovia streets and see the kind of feces that people are getting in contact with before encouraging them to fight the coronavirus.
She adds that the feces are directly coming from some private buildings occupied by foreign nationals without any action being taken against the owners of these buildings.

Recently, the Representative of Electoral District 7 Solomon George spoke about the presence of huge feces on several streets in Monrovia that, seriously threatening the people of Monrovia.

Rep. George made the assertions while appearing on a radio talk-show in Monrovia, as he made specific reference to the New Port, Water Street, and Front Street as areas where feces remain a serious threat to the people especially students, marketers, and pedestrians.

He maintained that up to present, there is nothing being done by the relevant authorities responsible to clean the city in the wake of the presence of the coronavirus.By Emmanuel Mondaye—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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