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Monrovia’s Ebola cases drop to 25

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe World Health Organization says while the number of Ebola cases appears to be declining, with reported cases in Monrovia falling from 75 to 25 daily, a mixed picture emerges in different counties across the country.

The head of the Ebola Response team at the WHO Dr. Bruce Aylward, paid a four- day visit to Liberia to get a better understanding of the Ebola response activities on the ground.

In a press statement, WHO says the transmission of Ebola virus disease is consistently high in Montserrado County while there are declines in Lofa County where zero cases have been reported for more than a week, according to Dr. Aylward. WHO report as of 8 November says Liberia reported a total of 6,822 cases including 2,836 deaths.

It warns that despite the expressed optimism, the latest observation dose not mean that Ebola is under control in Liberia, noting that the virus has the potential to appear in waves, which can be mistaken for declining cases.

“While the Ebola transmission is ongoing, the potential for a resurgence in case numbers, through ongoing unsafe burials or undetected cases within the community remain a real threat which could lead to a further epidemic wave.

I have entered many buildings and always see the chlorine buckets to wash hands, but not many people forced me to wash my hands. The danger now is that we move to a relaxed mode instead of saying vigilant”, Dr Aylward continues.

Meanwhile, WHO says during the past week, new Ebola cases were reported in almost every county with the highest number of new cases in Grand Bassa and Grand Cape Mount County – two counties that previously had very few Ebola patients.

“Although the daily infection rate reduced from its peak to the current level, the next major task is bringing it down to zero, will be more difficult”, Dr. Aylward added. The Government of Liberia is fighting toward zero infection by December, 2014.

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