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MONSU demands justice in Odell Sherman’s death

Montserrado County Students Union or MONSU, calls on the Liberia National Police (LNP) to fast track investigation surrounding the dead of the late Odell Sherman, who was found unconscious at a friend’s residence and subsequently pronounced dead at the ELWA hospital in Paynesville.

MONSU says if the police didn’t carry on a speedy investigation and send all those involved to court for prosecution; its members would take the street to demand justice.

“At this point, we will ask that all civil right advocates, activists and students to remain peaceful till the autopsy is done, but if upon the completion of the autopsy, the government and police do not carry on speedy trial and prosecute all those that are involved, we the students of Montserrado and Liberia at large will come out in our numbers and demand justice. However, let it be clear that our demand for Justice will not be a friendly one,” warns Yassah P. Robert, president of MONSU.

She says the group has been working behind the scene, making basic inquiries and investigation both at the school, hospital, and community with assistance of parents of the victim, who died at the resident of the Head of Liberia-Ghana Mission, Rev. Emmanuel Giddings.

“As per our findings especially, the three medical reports from the ELWA hospital with the following signatories, Learwellie P. Craig II-MD-L#729 (resident doctor), Ibrahim Sanoe-MD(resident doctor), Rick Sacra-MD, acting medical director,” student Robert continues.

She notes the first medical report dated May 21, signed by Ibrahim Sanoe, put the cause of death as left Otorrhagia, meaning bleeding from the left ear, brain damage, (fall on the cranium) and sexual assault.

MONSU continues that second report dated May 24, and signed by Learwellie P. Craig stated that the patient Odell was brought to the hospital unconscious with bloody discharge from her ear and, hour later the late Odell was admitted, the patient sadly lost her life and the probable cause of her death was, intracranial hemorrhage two degree trauma, ear infection two degree left Otorrhagia aspiration, meaning damage of the brain and heavy flow of blood from the left ear.

“The patient was noted to be unconscious with a copious flow of bright red blood from the ear canal, there was no response to pain stimuli, and vital signs were initially stable expect for rapid respiration oxygen saturation which were 99%. Initially, there was cement dust and visible bruise notes by the physician assistance, and the doctor on the left lower leg and nose. The neck seemed grossly normal on examination, the chest had rhonchi and the heart and abdomen were normal, the patient was deep in coma and unresponsive, over time the airway was filled with a lot of saliva, and due to the heavy bleeding, the left ear canal was packed with gauze, and the gauze was change several times. A small amount of blood was notes at her vaginal introits along with plentiful slippery fluid, and there was no percentage of alcohol found in her,” Ms Yassah Robert quotes the medical report as detailing.

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She says it will shock the public to know that with all of these findings and reports, the police are yet to detain the prime suspect but rather, they have label Rev. Giddings and his children as people of interest. By Ben P. Wesee–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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