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Montserrado candidates fight over Industrial Park

Incumbent Montserrado County District #12 Representative Richmond Anderson and the man he unseated at the 2011 polls, Mr. Dave Koomey are both claiming glory for a bill seeking to give permanent residence status to squatters occupying the Industrial Park in the vote – rich community of Chicken Soup Factory.

Mr. Anderson is seeking reelection at the polls this October just as his rival Mr. Koomey who lost the mandate given him in 2005 and failed to win back the district in 2011 and is now making a comeback at the polls among 21 other candidates.

Rep. Anderson claims to have put forth the bill to his colleagues at the 53rd Legislature to be sent to the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

Mr. Anderson also claims to have lobbied with his colleagues for the bill to go to the Upper House, adding that anyone who claims glory for introducing it is not saying the truth.

The incumbent has displayed some documents to members of the Foundation for Better Liberia (FOBEL) along the Somalia Drive at Barnesville Junction in order to substantiate his claims.

Residents of Chicken Soup Factory Community were present when he displayed the documents, claiming to have written President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf on the plight of the people of that community.

Mr. Anderson says he sought the President’s blessing to give his people residential status.

When this paper contacted Mr. Dave Koomey about Mr. Anderson’s claims, he said he was not going to dignify the incumbent’s assertion.

But Mr. Koomey notes he is the one that introduced the bill in question to his colleagues in the 52nd Legislators under the garble of former House Speaker Alex Tyler for its passage.

According to Mr. Koomey, the Act was allegedly passed from the lower House to the Upper House in 2010 before Mr. Anderson came to power in 2011.

He says Mr. Anderson only needed to have pursued it at the Senate and liaise with the President to have it done, claiming that the incumbent never did it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Koomey has acknowledged that one of his challenges in the upcoming election is the incumbent, Rep. Anderson.

“He has lot of resources to his advantage because he is the sitting lawmaker,” says Mr. Koomey. In spite of his concern over Mr. Anderson’s resources, Mr. Koomey insists that he is going to fight the incumbent and will definitely give him his money’s cost.

Nearly every candidate in District #12 appears to be fighting to win Chicken Soup Factory, the most populated community in the district with over 43,000 registered voters. There are 21 candidates going against the incumbent, Rep. Anderson.
By Samuel P. Kamara–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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