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Moral Values

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Prayer: Father God, I thank you for giving me this opportunity once more to be an instrument of importation of your word into the lives of the great people of your country Liberia. I speak on this topic with all authority given to me by you from above, over every other authority there is, be it beneath, within or above the earth, by the power of your Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus Christ I do pray, Amen!

This topic moral values, plays a very major role in the growth of this nation. It is not all about money, but the good behavior of the people is what makes the country a better place to stay.

“A Good name is better than precious ointment;” Ecclesiastes 7: 1

Moral: is defined as the principles or Standards of right and wrong in behavior – especially for teaching right behavior, or, one’s conscience or ethical judgment.

Moral comes in two folds, namely, Good moral and Bad moral. As we have seen in the definition given in this paragraph, yet one need to be mindful because, the two of them have their separate ends. The Good is unto live, while the Bad is unto death or public disrepute.

In the next paragraph, I shall be discussing the latter moral, and then I shall end with the first of  both morals. This is because in our society today we see a lot of bad morals everywhere – no age group, sex, or creed is exempted from this behavior, and I say so because we see it in all parts of our society, I mean everywhere – in the offices, in our children at home, in our communities, in the taxies, in the Government officials, in Church leaders (Pastors, Reverends, Bishops), et cetera. Due to all of the aforementioned, I see it as essential that we address this topic and try as much as possible to do justice to it. Though this is not the first of addresses made in this direction, but it is important that we keep elaborating on the issue, and it just might impart the life of somebody somewhere, even if it is a single person that will turn from their bad ways for the better. I can assure you that if that is achieved, heaven will rejoice in that one saved soul, and my job for today shall be done. This is what all of us – irrespective of who we are, or where we find ourselves in life is called and sent on earth to do.

Bad moral is a major factor, if not the major factor to the failure of our society then, today, and if care is not taken, will be tomorrow. Bad moral has eaten up the Liberia Nation so much that we as a people are seen in the eyes of the entire world as a complete failure and a total wreck, irrespective of our academic achievements. This is not good for us as a country, therefore this has to stop and change immediately! If we want to move forward.  People get to respect us at first when they meet us, because we always appear different from every other person, but as soon as they get to know us really well, they get to see how limited we are in our ways of thinking, especially when they come to our country and see where we come from and how we live here, people only say to themselves that these people are not serious. Now, they might not be able to say it to your face, but I know that is exactly what they say within themselves.

All these things happen because we are all self-centered, especially our leaders, they want every good thing for themselves and their families only, forgetting that the others have to survive.  I term them all as belly driven people (Politicians and Church leaders) who only care for themselves and have absolutely nothing to do with the fear, and or the love of God, not to even speak of acknowledging the name of the Lord God, for the scripture in the book of Psalms 91: 14 & 15 says:

“Because he has set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he has known/acknowledge my name; He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and I will honor him.

This is where Liberians miss out on God. In my view, our parents and leaders before us had absolutely no love or fear for the Lord God, because if they did, Liberia would have been on a different level instead of where it is today. Or maybe they were not taught the actual truth about what the word of God says. If  I am right, then you can agree with me that the Church of Liberia compromised the word of God to please men and not God. I say this because no one with the love for God will encourage the destruction of their country the way our parents did. They had lots of alternatives to have prevented all of the things that happened in years past. And what is even more intriguing is that the current once that we have are not even repentant towards God, they are even into worst deities and occults than their predecessors. And all of the above are the direct results, effects, or end products of Bad Morals, one way or the other.

But also, please do not get me wrong, I say this not to give an excuse for the kind of life that I see our youth living today, but I am resolute that if we must solve this problem, then we must attack the root cause of it. Therefore, it is prudent to let you our elders know that in as much as the morals of our young people today is nothing to write home about, you also have a share in what you see all around you today. And that the youth are not solely to be blamed for their immoralities, but you the elders are a major contributing factor to the bad behaviors of the youth today.

For the Bible says in Proverbs 22: 6 that parents should “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.

So I ask, where were you before the child became a nonentity? Having asked that question, please permit me to say that: “A child cannot outlive his training, and also, what is seen on the outward of a child, is a direct result of what has been placed on the inward”. So how does God expect Liberia and its people to live? To be continued… in next Friday’s edition                                                                                                             

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