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Liberia is said to have more people involved in homosexuality – gay and lesbianism, this paper has gathered. Though there is not an exact data to say how many people are homosexuals, but many people interviewed believe that the number is expected to rise if same sex marriage is legislated here.

A man who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity, but as a confess homosexual said many Liberians are involved in the practice both at home and abroad, including former and current public officials, who could not wait to see the legalization of same sex marriage here.

“Besides Liberians, you have expatriates, who are part of it and are inducing others into it. These people take up assignment with various diplomatic missions here, including foreign embassies, NGOs, as well as concessionaires and many more,” the source noted.

Continuing, the source, like others behind the scenes involved in the practice quietly welcome the campaign by the United States and Europe for gay and lesbian rights.

“I, like others (gay and lesbian) here are grateful to the US and Europe for their campaigns to get us our rights. At the same, we frown at those opposing it. Let them know that love is not force, but a consensus between two same sexes or opposite sex.”

Though gay and lesbian practices are forbidden here according to the Constitution of Liberia, particularly in the “commission of the crime (sodomy),” it is silent on public debate on the issue.

However, the source expressed optimism that when introduced in the House, a bill seeking the protection of the rights homosexuals will not face any obstacle. The Speaker of the House of Representatives Alex Tyler and some members of the House have opposed call for the legitimization of homosexuality.

“I am a Methodist and traditionalist. I will never support gay bill because it is damaging to the survival of the country,” Tyler noted.

Speaker Tyler recently told the local press that any bill introduced in House for the protection of gay and lesbians’ rights will be thrown into the “Du-River” or the Montserrado River here.

“Why must people have problem with same sex marriage and not with one being butt-naked? All human beings have their rights to do what pleased them. Therefore, those opposing it must leave us alone,” the source noted.

Since the United States and British governments set the legalization of gay and lesbians’ rights as precondition to giving aid to Africa, there has been strong criticism and opposition on the issue.

In Liberia, there have been public debates at various street corners, offices, entertainment centers, homes and even at higher institutions of learning such as the University of Liberia (UL), where a campaign group named, Movement in Defense of Gay and Lesbian Rights was assaulted.

The group leaders, LeRoy Archie Pon-pon and Abraham Kamara escaped death last week at the hands of fellow students on campus where they had gone rally more support.

Writes Throble Suah

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