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More Liberians off to India for post graduate studies

-In the role of forensic in combating terrorism

At least about 14 Liberians are off to India for studies in various disciplines including the role of forensic in combating terrorism at Indian Universities under the Indian Government Scholarship programs,the Honorary Consulate General of India in Liberia has announced.
Of the fourteen, seven (7) of the students will undergo Post Graduate Studies under India Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) Scholarship scene, while seven (7) are enlisted for Short- Term Professional studies in Forensic Science.

The ICCR Master’s Scholarship Students (in various fields)who left included Mr. Dean L. Williams–Civil Engineering at West Bengal University; Mr. Emmanuel Sherman- Computer Engineering at Delhi Technological University; Mr.Anthony NimleyChea, Jr., PG in Environmental Engineering at Delhi Technological University; and Mr. Tobby Achilles Quah- MBA at Punjab University, Patiala.

Other ICCR Scholarship students in India for studies are Mr. Franklin Gonpue – MSc. at Mysore University; Mr. Standee P. Weah, Master of Public Health, SavitribalPhule Pune University; and Mr. S. G. Forh – M. Tech Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur.

All seven who left to study Forensic Science under the ITEC Scholarship Program include Mr. NelscoWolo -the Role of Forensic in Combating Terrorism; Mr. Charles OmascoCassell – studies in Digital Forensic; Mr. Jeremiah S. Chea – studies in Role of Forensic in Combating Terrorism; Mr. Julius A. Thomas – Cyber Security and Incident Response; Mr. Amara YousufJabateh – Investigation of White Color Crime (Financial Frauds Investigation);Ms. Bernice D. Borbor – Role of Forensic in Combating Terrorism; and Mr. Targen P. Daye – studies in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

India’s recent advancement in the massive transformation of its economy through industrialization and IT application, as well as meteoric rise to the status of a full emerging economy, has not only placed it in a unique position, but imposes on it a moral obligation to assist other least developed Nations it has left behind to also come out of the quagmire of under development.

India does this through various means, including technology transfer, development assistance (grants and concessionary loans), experience sharing, and offer of scholarships for studies in India in specialized professional areas.-Press release

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