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More revelations in Johnsonville VR scam

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaFive suspects, all females, who were arrested by police on Sunday, 27 February along with prime suspect Mr. Amos S. Siebo, Jr. at a private residence in Johnsonville, Montserrado County in possession of electoral materials, conducting voter registration, have narrated to the New Dawn what actually transpired on Sunday, denying their direct involvement.

Mr. Siebo is a former consultant in the Presidential Deliverable Unit at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs.
The Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism late Monday confirmed that police broke up an illegal voter’s registration ring led by him at a private residence in Johnsonville, Montserrado County and retrieved assortment of National Elections Commission (NEC) issued implements, including cameras, dozens of blank voter’s cards and forms.

The women, who begged for anonymity, said they are innocent, but became victim of the situation that led to the arrest of several persons by the Liberia National Police.
According to them, they had gone to Johnsonville Township to visit a relative, who gave birth, and after spending some time with the host, they decided to leave, but encountered difficulty in finding public transport.
The women, who have been released by police following interrogation, continued that while trying to find vehicle, they spotted a vehicle operated by Mr. Amos S. Siebo, Jr. parked at the residence were the arrest was executed, so they decided to find Mr. Siebo to give them a ride back to Paynesville.

They said after the plead, Mr. Siebo told them to wait, and while waiting in the vehicle, they saw several motorbikes with LNP officers onboard headed to their direction with heavy speed, and to their surprise, told them they were under arrest for VR fraud.
They added that the police then took them to the National Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill where they were interviewed and thoroughly searched by female police officers, but no voter registration card was found in their individual possession.
The women also disclosed that the police also check their respective fingers to also see if they were marked with ink, but again the police found no evidence.
According to them, despite the lack of evidence to implicate them to the syndicate, the police detained them for several days in violation of their fundamental rights.
On Sunday, February 26 the LNP arrested several persons along with Mr. Amos S. Siebo Jr of the President Deliverable Unit at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs with voters’ registration materials and cameras at his private residence in Johnsonville. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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