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More talks over UNMIL drawdown

Amidst public fear of the United Nation Mission in Liberia or UNMIL drawdown, former Montserrado County District #3 Representative Kettehkumehn Murray has expressed confidence that Liberian security forces can assume full responsibility for national security after the UN Mission in Liberia duty expires.

According to the former Unity Party lawmaker, Liberian security forces are capable of dealing with any threat to the nation and its inhabitants in the absence of the UN Mission in time to come. Dr. Murray, who made the statements Tuesday morning on the ELBC Super Morning show, asserted that the issue of security is one of the least responsibilities that should be expected of a nation that has reached an age of 168 years.

Dr. Murray further pointed out that although the issue of financial shortfall still remains for the security sector, this does not in any way guarantee anyone the right to act outside of the law by posing a security threat to the nation.

“UNMIL’s drawdown is inevitable, we do not need somebody to always stand over and guide us like a child, we should be able to assume responsibility for our own destiny,” Murray indicated. Dr. Murray, however, is calling on Liberians to be civil in their approach as they anticipate the imminent drawdown of UNMIL and that they must also be conscious of the fact that the nation will not always be spoon-fed by international organizations.

It can be recalled that scores of Liberians residing in Monrovia and some government officials, including chief Justice have expressed fears as UNMIL ends its mission here. Chief Justice Francis Kporkor told reporters Thursday September 19 that though UNMIL is not in Liberia forever and but he is concerned about the timing of the drawdown, a year prior to the 2017 general and presidential elections.

Chief Justice Korkpor sounded the caveat when the newly appointed United Nations Special Representative Farid Zarif paid a courtesy call at his office. He said the multi-national peace keeping force has made a lot of gains and he wonders what will happen if those gains are interrupted during the election process.


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