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MOT engages stakeholders on road accident prevention

Authorities at the Ministry of Transport (MOT) have engaged various stakeholders here to find a solution to road accidents in the country.

Stakeholders engaged by the Ministry include the Federation of Motorcyclists, and Tricycles Transport Union, the Federation of Road Transport Union and all roads users, among others

The meeting was held at Friday 10 May at Bella Casa Hotel in Monrovia.

The Ministry’s Coordinator of the Technical Support Unit Mr. Dave Daiwoo told participants that the issue of road safety has been a major problem for the Ministry of Transport.

But he a road safety secretariat has been set up and the national road accident program is to complement efforts to minimize the many accidents here.

According to him, the Ministry of Transport has about 42 trucks that are coming into the country that will tow breakdown vehicles from the road, including vehicles that fall into the rivers.

Delivering a special statement on behalf of Minister Samuel Wlue, Mr. Caesar Freeman says the Ministry’s decision to launch the National Accident Road prevention program is to help reduce the numbers of road accident that are occurring in the country on a daily basis on highways, central cities and on feeder roads across the country.

According to Mr. Freeman, the Ministry is working with its partners to introduce a tow system to bring in forty tow trucks that will come in different categories to help the public to save lives.

Meanwhile, the Director of Public Affairs at the Ministry of Transport Mr. Samuel Barjibo told participants that benefits of the national road accident prevention program include the relieve of burden from car owners of looking for a tow truck that will tow their vehicles at night hours whenever they are broken down.

According to Barjibo, the National Road Accident Prevention program is a government social intervention that was introduced by the Ministry of Transport to prevent road accident and save lives in Liberia.
By Lewis S. Teh—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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