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MOT launches Road Accident Prevention Program

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The Ministry of Transport launches a National Road Accident Prevention Program in Liberia, a government social intervention program introduced by the Ministry to prevent road accidents and save lives across the country.

According to a press release, the Ministry of Transport believes that human capital is the most important and precious resource of Liberia thus, the need to save lives.
One of the emerging road safety factors that accounts for the challenging road safety situation in Liberia is the incidence of disabled, broken down, accident and abandoned vehicles on Liberia’s roads.

The phenomenon accounts for very high number of crashes here, as a result of moving vehicles running into disabled, broken down, accident and abandoned vehicles in the streets, usually leading to deaths and severe injuries of innocent citizens.

The release says under the program, there will be towing and ambulance services. Beginning July, 2019, when the fleet of equipment including heavy and light duty tow trucks, well equipped ambulances and high-powered Police motor bikes are expected to be in the country, all disabled, broken down, accident and abandoned vehicles will be instantly towed to a safe place and first aid medication given accident victims whilst being taken to hospital.

Some of the numerous benefits of the Program to both vehicle owners and the general public include but not limited to, ensuring free flow of traffic across Liberia by the instant removal to safe places of disabled, broken down, accident and abandoned vehicles, very shift ambulance services and proper first aid medical care for accident victims while being transported to hospital.

Other benefits include creation of mass employment opportunities for Liberians nationwide, among others. Press Release

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