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Mother held for child abuse

A Pregnant mother brutalizes her five years old daughter Wednesday, 13 June for delaying after she sent the minor to buy cigarette on Crown Hill, Broad Street in Monrovia.

The victim, identified as Rebecca Tugbeh, narrates to the New Dawn that her mother sent her to buy10LRD cigarette, but unfortunately, she lost the money. According to her, she begged someone to give her money to buy the cigarette for her Mom, something that caused the delay and led her mother to go after her in the street, beating on her.

“My mother is always in the habit of beating me; that’s why when I lost the money, I had to beg someone because I knew she was going to beat me. I am not in school now; I was in school when I was living with my pa (dad) in White Flower community, Congo Town”, she narrates in tears.

RB, as she is affectionately known, explains that after her mother beat her, she ran on the road and a bus driver bought her biscuit and asked her to return home.
“I told the man that I cannot go home because my mother will kill me, so he took me to the Slipway police station and turned me over to the police and left.”

The mother, only identified as Josephine, was taken to the Zone 2 Depot 1 Slipway Police station where she admitted sending the minor to buy cigarette. She said due to delay in coming with the cigarette, she beat her, boasting that cigarette smoking has become a habit and she wouldn’t hide it from anybody.

“When she woke up, I found food for her and her little brother to eat; when I sent her to buy my cigarette, she lost my money, so she stayed long on the road. My heart cut on her and I really beat her. I cannot hide my habit from anyone”, Josephine maintains.

She threatens not to feed the child; instead, asking the police to provide food for little RB since she knows how to take her own mother to police station. Josephine discloses that she and the girl’s father have been in confusion for almost a month, causing him to have left home.

Officers at the Zone 2, Depot 1, who refused to be identified, explain the police have charged Josephine with child abuse, for sending her daughter to buy cigarette and seriously beating her. Police however said they could not send her to jail because she is a pregnant mother with a baby boy, who happens to be Rebecca’s brother.

The child’s life is in danger because the police don’t have a care home for children facing abuse from parents.  Eyewitnesses in the community explained the mother seriously beat the child and dragged her on rocks. Refusing to be identified, an eyewitness further narrates Josephine was abusing everyone who tried to intervene while beating the child, and even assaulted one person.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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