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Rural News

Mother Stabbed Daughter

A mother, only identified as Mary is reported to have stabbed her 10-year old daughter almost to death in the back in Kakata, Margibi County.

According to our correspondent, Little Comfort Karlon almost got killed because her biological mother (Mary) sent her for onion and instead, she brought knife apparently because she did not get the message clear. The mother used the same knife to stab her several times in the back.

Speaking to this paper at a medical center in Kakata where little Comfort has been admitted, a caretaker said the incident took place at about 4:00 post meridian on Friday, 22 October.

“When the girl’s mother sent her for a piece of onion, instead she brought a knife; the mother got vexed and asked the daughter if she doest not know the difference between a knife and onion. The mother could not control her temper, she stabbed the girl.” The caretaker told New Dawn.

According to another witness, after committing the forfeit, the mother continued her normal business like nothing has happened. “This makes us bitter for which we invited the police against the mother.” The second witness noted.

However, investigation conducted by this paper showed that the case may have been compromised by the police for reason not known. Because after the police arrested the mother and took her to the station handcuffed, no other development has been made available.

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