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Motorcycle union ends Ebola awareness campaign

The Motorcycle Union of Liberia has concluded a 21days Ebola awareness that started from December 27, 2014 to January 16, 2015. The president of the union, Robert Sammy, said the exercise was intended to share information about Ebola among all motorcyclists because they are the ones transporting people from one place to another.

Speaking on UNMIL Radio Coffee Breaking during the weekend, Sammy said the union has also educated its members about the deadly Ebola virus and what to do if they come in contact with an infected passenger.

He said the 21days of awareness was to engage the cyclists and keep them abreast about the virus. He motorcyclists are both transporters and contact tracers because they carry people from market places to hospitals.

According to him, motorcyclists have adhered to pieces of advice given to them by the union and they now know what to do whenever they interact with an Ebola affected person.

He noted that the training did not cover the whole country, but was mainly focused on Montserrado and Grand Cape Mount Counties that are still reporting Ebola related cases.

He said, Grand Cape Mount County that shares border with Sierra Leone, is where the focus is, adding that since Sierra Leone is not Ebola free and people are moving from there coming to Liberia, some are even transported by motorcycles, so Cape Mount is the focus point of the Ebola campaign.

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