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Motorcyclists appreciate Ellen

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has received appreciation from the Commercial Motorcyclists Union of Liberia (CMTUL) for 12 years of uninterrupted peace and for creating the space for motorcyclists to carry out their normal duties. “Madam President, because of the maintenance of peace under your able leadership we are able to ride our bikes, build our homes, sent ourselves to school and feed ourselves, we say thank you very much Madam President; you will be remembered even after your administration has come to an end,” he said.

An Executive Mansion release said, the assertion was made at a program marking the appreciation of President Sirleaf by Commercial Motorcyclists Union of Liberia, which took place at the Monrovia City Hall on Sunday, November 5, 2017.

Speaking on behalf of the Motorcyclists, John Kenyon, head of the Union said President Sirleaf as the first democratically female President in Africa has done well and should be appreciated while she is still alive. Presenting a copy of a movie to President Sirleaf entitled: “Pem-pem boys nonviolent movie”, he noted that President Sirleaf has created the space for motorcyclists to succeed and improve their lives. He furthered: “We are productive citizens of Liberia and not to be called all kinds of names,” he said.

He used the occasion to congratulate Deputy Inspector General of Police, Abraham Kromah for the level of transformation over the period. Using a biblical maxim, Mr. Kenyon described Col. A.B. Kromah as transitioning from “Saul to Paul”. Mr. Kenyon encouraged motorcyclists to avoid being used by politicians for their selfish interest and ensure peace always and at all times.

He told the gathering that the Union has purchased a parcel of land in Margibi County to construct a vocational school to enhance their ability. He then appealed to President Sirleaf on behalf of the Union to be captured in the next national budget to buttress their development efforts.  Responding, President Sirleaf thanked the Motorcyclists and described them as “Professional Entrepreneurs” and not just “Motorcyclists” because they carried sick children and pregnant women to various places. She commended them for their outstanding contributions to the Liberian economy by providing transportation services throughout the country.

The Liberian leader assured the Motorcyclists of her government’s commitment to improving the lives of all Liberians including motorcyclist’s all over Liberia adding, “Although we having reach the place we want to reach due to some delays including the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus for two years and others, we are committed to connecting our roads including county capitals; All financial requirements has being put in place to begin the roads pavement as we approach the dry season” She said.

Speaking further, she noted despite the challenges encountered, her government has made sufficient progress both nationally and internationally including building of roads, among others. Describing the ceremony as a family gathering, she urged motorcyclists to respect the rule of law and be good citizens because according to her the future rest with them. She promised to sponsor a movie presented to her entitled “Pem-Pem Boys Non Violent Movie”.

In separate remarks, Deputy Inspector General Abraham Kromah and Cllr. Yvette Chesson-Wureh lauded the motorcyclists for coming together and encouraged them to remain law abiding at all times. They pledged their continued support to the Motorcyclists.

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