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With about a year to the 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections in Liberia, politicians continue to seek comfort and opportunities in political parties. On a daily basis, pledges of support by partisans to political leaders of other parties may be characterizing Liberia’s body politics for many different reasons known to the actors.

Some seek greener pasture, while others cross-carpet for the love of the political games. Tuesday, August 30, 2016 occasioned another event of cross-over at the Alternative National Congress annex in Fiamah, Sinkor, Monrovia when some elders and members of the Elder Council of the Movement for Economy Empowerment or MOVEE resigned and joined the Alternative National Congress or ANC.

The Chairman of the Council, Samuel Philips said he and his colleagues had to resign from the MOVEE due to what he referred to as disrespect to the Council and lack of policy in the party.

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According to Chairman Philips, MOVEE Political Leader Dr. J. Mills Jones and his party chairman were running the party outside its governing constitution.

He noted that since the formation of the party, its political leader continues to be allegedly un-registered member of the party and yet to be endorsed by the Elders Council like other members have done.

All of the six members of the Elder Council of MOVEE said they had no more confidence, claiming that they couldn’t associate with an institution not governed by laws. Since their defection, neither the Political Leader, nor leadership has responded to the action by MOVEE’s Elder Council.

By Ethel A. Tweh

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