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MOVEE partisans physically attack unknown man

Dozens of supporters of opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) of Dr. Mills Jones over the weekend reportedly attacked and mercilessly flogged a man believed to be his 30s when the victim was returning from chasing somebody else with cutlass in an isolated case that did not connect to MOVEE’s political rally in Paynesville.

Though this paper could establish what really sparked the confusion between the two unknown men, our reporter who witnessed the incident over the weekend says the man that was armed with a cutlass and was chased his opponent, later became a subject of severe flogging at the hands of supporters of the MOVEE party.

MOVEE supporters who were being addressed by Montserrado County District #5 representative candidate Mr. Benjamin Yele Wehye at MOVEE district office were said to have abandoned the event and begun attacking the victim.

Before the unnamed victim’s encounter with the MOVEE supporters, our reporter says he (the victim) had earlier thrown cutlass at a man he was chasing, but missed target.  
Having thrown the cutlass into the grass, our reporters says the victim was then returning to where the confusion started,walking in the direction to where MOVEE was hosting its program when he got attacked by supporters and flogged mercilessly.

The partisans in large numbers overpowered the angry man, laid him on the ground and had others flogged and kicked him for a while. The man was released later.While the incident was ongoing, not a single official of Mr. Wehye was seen making attempt to stop the party supporters from attacking the unknow man. When Mr. Benjamin Yele Wehye was asked about the involvement of his supporters against the victim, he told this paper on Sunday, 13 August via mobile phone that the situation was very unfortunate.

He adds that he received the information surrounding the incident from some partisans of MOVEE after he left his party headquarters. Meanwhile, MOVEE political leader Dr. Mills Jones who was expected to join the district partisans in a parade did show up for the occasion, but designated a member of the party’s information team Mr. Robert Sammie. Mr. Sammie informed the gathering that Dr. Jones could not attend the occasion because he was attending the funeral of one of MOVEE officials’ father-in-law.
By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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