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MOVEE targets small fish

The political leader of opposition party Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE, Dr. J. Mills Jones says his party is strategizing on how to “get the small fish out of poverty”, while others were trying to focus on how to catch “the big fish”.

The former Central Bank Governor who now seeks the country’s highest office among dozens other presidential aspirants, told a gathering over the weekend in Brewerville, Montserrado County electoral district#17 that it was time that Liberians stand up for what they want and for what is right.

Elaborating further on why his party chooses to go after potential voters that he calls small fishes, Dr. Jones said MOVEE understands that when all the big fishes get on one side and the small fishes on the other side, it would be determined that the small fishes are more than the big fishes.

In his voter registration message, Dr. Jones called on every Liberian who has reached voting age and above to get registered in order to be eligible to vote in the October representatives and presidential elections.

He claimed that those in MOVEE were grass rooters, and as such they were trying to get the people out of poverty by showing them the way to feed themselves.

He blended his voter registration message with criticisms against those he called “so-called big people”, pondering as to what extra the big people know that the poor people didn’t know for which they have to sit and criticize the access to finance policy at the Central Bank of Liberia.

Dr. Jones says as he sits and listens to some of the people talking about the access to finance program at the Central Bank of Liberia, it leaves him to wonder as to what is it that the so-called big people know that the poor people don’t know when they sit down and try to criticize the access to finance policy.

He said the big people were only trying to tell Liberians that what benefits them was not of concern to the big people. In concluding his statement, he urged Liberians to join MOVEE, saying all Liberians were entitled to protection under the law.

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By Bridgett Milton-Edited Winston Parley


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