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Movement against Rep. Anderson reelection formed

A self-style Movement against the Re-election of Representative Richmond Anderson of electoral district#12, Montserrado County has been launched in the district. The launch held on Monday, 11 September brought together residents, of the district, pledging support to the Movement.

Its chairman, Daniel G. Kardio says the incumbent lawmaker has failed the district dismally and should not get re-elected. Kardio argues that due to the poor lobbying ability of Rep. Anderson, the only public high school (Special Project High School) in the district lacks standards, indicating that students upon admission are required to bring arm chairs, noting that Rep. Anderson, who hails from the classroom, does not prioritize education in the district.

He also claims that the lawmaker does not have good working relationship with his people, noting that he not consult them on his works in the lower House. According to him, market women of Kesselley Boulevard in Gardnerville asked Representative Anderson to help them erect a market building, and he donated US$400, but took the money back on grounds that the marketers were seeking help from another candidate in the district instead of him along.

The New Dawn did not independently verify these claims, but Kardio continues that Anderson has failed in his three cardinal functions as a Lawmaker, and points to alleged abandonment of a market building project, and a district office that has been marked by the Ministry of Public Works for demolition.

He rubbishes Rep. Anderson’s recent claim that he has given the people of Chicken soup factory residential status. “that information let us demystify it today, it is far from present day reality, the people of that Community have not got a residential status, it is a likelihood that the bill would die at the upper House or even at the President’s desk”, he argues.

Kardio further alleges that due to policy difference, Rep. Anderson jailed a youth chairman in the Kesselly Boulevard Community, while others have been victimized. He accuses the incumbent lawmaker of giving him money to back off or forget about the Movement, but Kardio maintains that he cannot compromise the district’s interest because of money, calling on electorate of district#12 not to re-elect Rep. Anderson, but rather any of the many candidates with a good manifesto for the betterment of the district.

By Samuel P. Kamara-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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