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Movie Company Launches US$2,350 Scholarship Fund

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A Liberian movie industry under the banner “Pillar of Fire Movie Production Inc”, has launched a US$2,350.00 scholarship fund drive at the rally town market in Monrovia for its members.

The fund drive was launched at the industry’s 10th Production House Anniversaries.  The Pillar of Fire Movie Production Inc (POFMP) is one of the oldest movie production companies in Liberia, established since 2003.

The firm has produced at least seven movies and three documentaries, and is expected to launch its latest effort in the next three months. The scholarship fund drive was launched to help its less fortunate members go to school and remain there to acquire an education.

Speaking at the 10th anniversary celebration, the President of the Liberian Movie Union Sieh Thomas, said Liberia is getting better on the movie market, and encouraged those in the industry to continue their good work in advancing the entertainment industry here.

Mr. Thomas also encouraged directors and producers to remain original and stop copy foreign cultures. He urged them to promote Liberian culture through movies from Liberia, saying “We should produce movies that our parents and children can watch together, movies that can be shown in Churches and Mosques.”

He encouraged them to always be real in their script writing, stressing “You should not include things that do not exist or happened in Liberia; example, we all know that we do not go in space in Liberia, so it is not possible to go into space in your movies, and you guys should learn to act from the script you wrote.”

According to him, POFMP is the largest movie production company here 74 members therefore encouraged actors and actresses to take advantage of the international oxidation that is in the country now. He said the Liberian movies union is supportive of POFMP and is willing to pay 30% of every movie produced by the company.

The Movie Union President disclosed the Liberia Movie Union has received US$10,000 from the US$50,000 allotted by the Government of Liberia for the industry. He pledged the LIMU’s willingness to support and collaborate with the Pillar of Fire Movie Production Inc.

Meanwhile, the POFMP has gowned Mr. Thomas for his good work since he ascendency to the leadership of the Liberia Movie Union.

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