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Moye cautions against division of Bong County

Bong County District #2 Representative and Deputy House Speaker Prince KermueMoye has described an alleged bill proffered to divide Bong County as a recipe for disunity.Speaking to cross section of citizens in Zota District over the weekend, Mr. Moye said dividing Bong County will also spur land disputes, urging citizens of the county not to support anyone who intends to boundary the County.

According to him, those pushing for the division of the County need to develop ideas that will ensure the indispensable development in lower Bong County, but not to proffer bill that will divide the Kpelleh people.

In 2018, Bong County Senator Henry Willie Yallah announced that he was intending to ensure that the lower fragment of the County gained County status through a legislation.
But that pronouncement was greeted by serious controversy in the County.
Some citizens in lower Bong County were supportive of Senator Yaollah’s idea to divide the County, but others both from upper and lower Bong County are against the idea of dividing the County.

Many of those against the division of Bong County believe that the action will bring internal land quarrel over boundaries and properties including resources.
However Mr. Moye calls on citizens of the County to vote out any lawmaker who intends to bring misunderstanding in the County.

“When the people gave you their job, why didn’t you say that the County is too big? Why did you even accept the job? It’s now that you have realized that the County is too big? He questions without directly naming who he is confronting.“If you don’t able to serve the County because according to you it is too big, please leave it with those who able to serve big County. Don’t be crying like baby,” Mr. Moye adds.

He further tells the citizens not to support the idea of dividing the county, saying “the only way you can cast-off such idea is by voting out those who want you to be divided.”
“When you give them the chance by re-electing them, they will have power to divide us as a County. We as Representatives will be going to election but the Senators will be well seated and powerful because the first batch of their elections will be over and they will use that means to divide us as County,” he explains.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moye reassures citizens that he will keep developing Bong County in the face of the current economic situation.He says even if there is no money, he will keep using his salaries to develop the County.After his speech, some of the citizens expressed their opposition against the plan to divide Bong County.

“I want to tell Hon. Moye thank you very much for what he told us in the hall. For some of us we never knew what this whole division is about. We were only told by some supporters of Hon. Yallah that more development will come but for now we have got the clear understanding of this division issue,” Peter Gbartawoe, an elder of Zota District told NewDawn’s correspondent.

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“It is better for our County to remain together than to talk about so-called development and have misunderstanding,” Nancy Gayegbuah, age 50, and a resident of Gbalatuah told journalists.
“Who knows whether we will even see development if the County becomes divided? I am saying this because my son told me that River Gee and Gbarpolu are new counties that stood on their own but up to now, they do not even look like counties because they lack development,” she concludes.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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