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Moye speaks truth to power

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Kokoyah, Bong County- Bong County newly elected Senator Prince Moyewho was conspicuously left out of the entire National Agriculture Fair program at CARI on Friday February 12, warned that development should not be politicized.

“I believe in development let’s put the politics aside and start working together for our people,” Moye said on Saturday, while making a comment at the Town Hall meeting in Kokoya District during President George Weah’s tour of the area.

Sen. Moye noted that the essence of government is to provide the necessary service to its people.
To achieve this he said the three branches of government need to work together because no one branch of government can function properly without the others.

He frowned on the behavior of low level members of government passing the burden on the President when they decimally perform and the president will have to take such burdens at elections.

Sen. Moye noted that it was unfortunate how some government officials try to protect low level appointees under the guise that “they are their interest” when in effect the official’s appointment is below pal.
“When one low level official is under performing he is protected by others-“let him be there he is our man.””

But Moye observed that such attitudes were undermining the service delivery of the government.
He argued that instead of other senior officials of government protecting their interest when the person is not performing, “bring another potential person into his/her placer where our people will feel the services.
Moye indicated that this practice where people shield elected leaders from other citizens because they feel that the others do not belong to the leaders party or did not vote for them should stop. He noted that once the leader is elected to office he is there to serve all.

Moye gave an example of how president Weah was prevented from visiting other districts along the road to Gbanrga due to political difference between the president and leaders of these districts.

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