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MPEA Launches Sector Working Group To Accelerate Vision Exercise

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs has launched the Sector Working Groups to accelerate the national visioning exercise. The Ministry is leading the effort to develop a national economic development plan to achieve sustained, rapid and inclusive economic growth in Liberia.

As the implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) comes to an end in 2011, the Government has begun developing a National Vision known as Liberia RISING 2030 that seeks  to transform Liberia into a middle income country by 2030. This is an economic growth and development strategy that emphasizes diversification and addresses socioeconomic and political issues.

In commissioning the sector Working Groups Wednesday at the Mamba Point Hotel, Minister Amara Konneh challenged them to start work immediately so that all sectoral priorities, base line, indicators, targets, etc are established by June 30, 2011.

According to him, Liberia RISING 2030, which is an 18 year development strategy, will be achieved through the implementation of several medium term strategies that will be formulated through a sectoral approach. Min. Konneh said the strategy will determine the constraints, priority areas and targets for economic growth and development and will also rely on key studies and reviews including the development growth corridor studies that is currently taking place.

The Working Groups, including government institutions and key development partners – World Bank, UNDP, Conservation International, UNICEF, European Union, UNMIL among others, are expected to organize and conduct working sessions to identify critical issues that need to be addressed in the various sectors. They are to develop sectoral vision for the next 10 years and identify goals and strategic objectives to achieve that vision.

In order for the economic growth and development plan to become a reality, there is a need for each sector to submit detailed sectoral plans to be incorporated into the economic development plan.

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